Best Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

A few months ago, I found myself buying a ridiculous amount of eggs, oil, and disposable baking pans (insert “green” guilt here) at the grocery store. The reason: I needed to test 55 gluten-free baking mixes (10 pizza crust, 15 pancake, 9 muffin, 10 yellow cake, and 11 brownie) for my “Taste Test” column for Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine. After days of stirring and oven use and a group tasting, we ended up with five winners, profiled in the March 2011 issue.

In general, I was beyond impressed with the cakes and brownies–so much so that I served a gluten-free chocolate cake at my oldest son’s last birthday dinner (even though none of the attendees had dietary constraints)! The muffins and some of the pancakes were also pretty good, tender and flavorful. However, the pizza crusts were the least successful.

So, in celebration of Celiac Awareness Month, here’s a listing of the winners and finalists:

Pancake: The winner was Kinnikinnick Foods. The finalists included King Arthur Flour, Bisquick, Hodgson’s Mill, and Pamela’s.

Pizza Crust: The winner was Bob’s Red Mill. The finalists were Namaste, King Arthur Flour, Kinnikinnick, and Gluten Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza.

Muffins: The winner was Authentic Foods Chocolate Chip. The finalists were Authentic Foods Blueberry, Really Great Food Corn, and Pamela’s Corn. (I’m still seriously craving those moist corn muffins!)

Yellow/White/Vanilla Cake: The winner was Really Great Food (with a subtle note of nutmeg-like mace). The finalists were Authentic Foods, Betty Crocker, Gluten Free Pantry, and Pamela’s.

Brownie: The winner was Gluten Free Pantry. The finalists were Trader Joe’s, Cherrybrook Kitchen, Authentic Foods, and Pamela’s.

2 responses to “Best Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

  1. Rosie Swenson

    Hi Dina,
    I ran across an article that was written on everyday magazine with Rachael Ray and I loved the centerpiece of the month that they featured that you prepared for them..I have a question…There are three bottles, one has orange peel, the other has chilis and the third has rosemary and it looks like something else…Do you remember what that is? I would like to prepare your centerpiece for a gathering with friends and of course I will credit you and the article..Thank you..Rosie

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